If there is magic on this planet, It is contained in Water


Water Management Consultancy

• Urban Water Supply, distribution network and treatment utilities
• Preparation and Evaluation of Bid Documents.
• Metering, Water Audit and Leak Detection Studies.
• Project monitoring of Water Management Activity.
• Storm-Water Management and Rain Water Harvesting.
• Rural Water Supply schemes.

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Waste Management (Solid and Liquid Waste)

• Collection, Conveyance and Treatment for Waste Water Management.
• Detailed Engineering for Recycling of Gray Water.
• Solid Waste Management.
• Preparation & Evaluations of Detailed Tender documents.
• Project monitoring for of Waste Water Management Activity.
• Rural Sewerage management schemes.

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Township Infrastructure

• Water Management Services such as Plumbing and Sanitation and Fire Fighting Systems for Town Planning Schemes, Industrial and IT Sector, SEZ, Commercial Establishments and Shopping Malls.
• Detailed Engineering for various activity such as Hydro-Pneumatic Systems for high rise, rain water harvesting, solid waste management.
• Preparation of detailed tender documents and periodic monitoring of the proposed works.

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Project Management Consultancy

• Project Monitoring and Management Consultancy of the proposed works related to Water Supply and Waste Water.
• Assessment of various issues related to the assignment.
• Acting as link between client and executing organization.
• Transaction Advisory services.
• Independent Engineer for Water Supply and Waste Water Projects.
• Independent Review and Monitoring of all types of projects

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Other Infrastructure Consultancy

• Preparation of various reports and allied submissions in line with the project specific requirement and in line with the legislative requirement.
• Presentation of analyzed data to evaluating authority
• City Development Plans
• Design of Urban Transport such as Roads Bridges and Cross drainage works
• GIS Studies
• Automation and SCADA system for Urban Infrastructure including project specific software development to meet the client requirement

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Growth is an integral part of life. It needs sincere efforts to shape it qualitatively. We participate in the growth with excellent and effective engineering. It is our passion and vision to deliver excellent engineering for effective growth, in the file of Infrastructure & Environment. We are with you from concept to commissioning of projects in the field of infrastructure and environment especially water and sanitation. Multi-inter-disciplinary capabilities in the field of Infrastructure, Environment and Water & Sanitation. Started with Urban Water and Sanitation Management. We are Designers/ Planners / Engineers / Advisors. We provide Technologies & Solutions. We help you to overcome dynamic challenges. We make cities, towns, villages more liveable.


Effective Management and Engineering solutions for optimum utilisation of most precious natural resource “WATER”.


We achieve client’s satisfaction by contributing meaningfully with our well trained responsible team and on schedule delivery.

Quality Policy

We provide techno-economical and innovative engineering solutions for effective water management. We achieve client’s satisfaction by contributing meaningfully with our well trained responsible team and on schedule delivery. Our knowledge base is updated to provide the effective solutions and to achieve continual improvement.

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